Monday, March 12, 2007

Ginger has Eye Surgery

Well... eyelid surgery at least.
Ginger had some rouge eyelashes that were growing on the inside of her eyelid, which isn't the best place for eyelashes, especially when your eye makes up 90% of your face. The lashes were causing repeated eye infections and starting to make a nasty white spot on one of Ginger's eyes.
Luckily we already knew of a dog opthomologist up in Portland that was able to do the surgery. But since we're down in Klamath Falls, she spent the week with both sets of grand-pug-parents, which was just fine with them. We missed her very much while she was gone and now dread the day we have to send her off to college.
When she returned, she had to wear the cone for a couple of days, but she didn't let eight inches of plastic around her head slow her down. She had fun shoveling snow with it, so much so next winter we're going to hire her out to plow our neighbor's driveways.
Things are pretty much back to normal now. The winking is gone, the swelling is down, and the white spot is fading, which all points to a very successful surgery.

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