Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Teaser Trailer for Ginger's New Movie

Just released today, the teaser trailer for Ginger's new movie, due out soon.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Ginger in her Backpack

Ginger in her Backpack
Originally uploaded by GingerThePug.
We went snowshoeing with Ginger up at Lake of the Woods, OR on New Year's Day. She had a great time leaping around in the pug-shoulder-high snow and running around on the frozen lake. She eventually got pretty tired, so we gave her a break by letting her ride in a backpack. This worked surpisingly well, although I think she would have preferred if we had brought a sled with us so we could just tow her along.

Ginger Can Play Dead

This is Ginger's new trick! Note the "death snorts" she threw in for dramatic effect.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Hello Ginger!

This is our pug Ginger. She was born on February 12, 2006. We adopted her in May of 2006 as a present for Kat when she graduated from dental school. We also adopted her sister Pearl, but due to a serious eye condition, we had to return her to the breeder.

Fun Fact: Ginger was originally named "Mei", but that didn't match up with her energetic spirit.

The day we got her, we took her to the beach at Lincoln City, OR for a weekend. We didn't want to take her straight home because we have two Siamese cats who are very tempramental and tend to be jealous. So this gave us a few days to bond with Ginger before bringing her back into the Meeser maelstrom.

When we brought her home, Mochi (Siamese #1) was extremely displeased. Suki (Siamese #2), as usual, was terrified. Things weren't going so well between Meesers and Pug, but when we moved out of our apartment in Portland, OR to a house in Klamath Falls, OR for Kat's new job, the added space and fenced yard cooled off some of the hostility. Notably there is still a two-foot no-dog radius around Mochi that she enforces with swats and hisses. Suki is still just terrified, as usual.

We've started to train her, but as the videos show, it's usually a for-food only situation. We got her thinking that Pugs were chilled-out lap-dogs, but have found that she more like a two year-old that got into some Pixie Stixs. This is good because she does a lot of things you wouldn't expect to see a Pug doing(running, hiking, swimming, snowshoeing). Supposedly she'll calm down around two and a half years. We'll see.

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