Thursday, January 25, 2007

Hello Ginger!

This is our pug Ginger. She was born on February 12, 2006. We adopted her in May of 2006 as a present for Kat when she graduated from dental school. We also adopted her sister Pearl, but due to a serious eye condition, we had to return her to the breeder.

Fun Fact: Ginger was originally named "Mei", but that didn't match up with her energetic spirit.

The day we got her, we took her to the beach at Lincoln City, OR for a weekend. We didn't want to take her straight home because we have two Siamese cats who are very tempramental and tend to be jealous. So this gave us a few days to bond with Ginger before bringing her back into the Meeser maelstrom.

When we brought her home, Mochi (Siamese #1) was extremely displeased. Suki (Siamese #2), as usual, was terrified. Things weren't going so well between Meesers and Pug, but when we moved out of our apartment in Portland, OR to a house in Klamath Falls, OR for Kat's new job, the added space and fenced yard cooled off some of the hostility. Notably there is still a two-foot no-dog radius around Mochi that she enforces with swats and hisses. Suki is still just terrified, as usual.

We've started to train her, but as the videos show, it's usually a for-food only situation. We got her thinking that Pugs were chilled-out lap-dogs, but have found that she more like a two year-old that got into some Pixie Stixs. This is good because she does a lot of things you wouldn't expect to see a Pug doing(running, hiking, swimming, snowshoeing). Supposedly she'll calm down around two and a half years. We'll see.

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